Bully Programme

Grades 5 & 6 primary and Year 7 & 8 secondary only.

Bully is a series of sketches examining the issue of bullying in schools, the workforce, and the effects of bullying on the victims and society as a whole.

The production aims to make the performance relevant to the mature primary level student and early secondary age groups.

Over the last few years that we have been presenting this show, teachers and other educators have repeatedly remarked on the value of the presentation’s illuminating scenarios. The scenarios increase awareness of bullying, while offering strategies to complement existing in-house programs for combating bullying.

Our presentation is non-confrontational, but nonetheless offers realistic scenarios and possible resolution tips for the target age groups.

Performance fee:

$795.00 inc. G.S.T for up to 100 students. If a single session has over 100 students an additional cost of $7.95 per additional student applies.

Programme Resources

Download PDF:

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