Pre/Primary School Programmes

Pre-School/Primary School Programme – Magic Journey

Each performance goes for 45 minutes and contains three stories which are selected by… YOU! By choosing the stories from our selection that suit you best, you can ensure that your students get the most out of the experience.

Our actors are highly trained, but they are not the stars of the show… your students are! Our Magic Journey programme emphasizes participation and even puts some of your students in starring roles. Every one of your students will be able to participate in the performance.

For our Pre-School audiences, we understand that sometimes a live show in your kinder room may be a little overwhelming for some students. Our actors are aware of the needs of the audience and will adjust a performance to accommodate those needs.

Pre-School Programme.

Our stories for the 2018 season are…

Opening stories (choose one)


It’s a beautiful day on the farm! And The Little Red Hen just wants to back some delicious fresh bread. It’s not easy doing it alone though, and those other farm animals just don’t seem to want to help…
A beautiful poem about the importance of helping other, brought to life with lots of crazy characters. 


One of Australia’s most loved characters who goes for a bike ride you will never forget. Lots of fun and action with wonderful new words to explore!


Get ready to join a brave young girl named Belinda, and her three friends, as they find the courage to take on a silly pirate in this beautiful poem by Ogden Nash.

Custard is a lovely adventure, filled with positive themes. 


Main Stories (choose two)


A beautiful traditional dreamtime story makes it much requested return!
Tiddalick the frog is greedy and has drunk all of the water in the billabong! What are all the other animals going to drink? How will they get all the water out of him? If only there was a way to get him to laugh it all up…
This much loved Australian classic is brimming with hilarious native animals, and a great lesson about sharing and teamwork.  


You’ll huff, and you’ll puff, and you’ll laugh out loud!
As the Three Little Pigs start to build their own homes, a problem shows up – a very silly, very ridiculous wolf! 
Featuring hilarious characters, this is a classic tale with lessons about friendship, teamwork, and independence. 


A classic returns!
Watch with glee as the might little engine tries with all i’s might to make it over the mountain.
When no one else will help, you can always count on the Little Engine to show courage, kindness and an iron will


Join Hans and Helga as they tell the famous much loved story. By the way, our troll is really not very scary, but he’s very silly and great fun. A great way to learn about words like big, middle size, and little. Lots of fun for all.

Performance fee:

$395.00 per performance  (inc. G.S.T). This amount covers up to 60 students in a single session.

If a single session has over 60 students please contact us for a price. Please be aware all prices refer to single sessions.

Programme Resources

Download PDF:

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Primary School Programme.

The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company offer two primary school programmes.

Prep to Grade 2 Programme – ‘Magic Journey’

Choose one (1) opening story and two (2) main stories to make up your presentation.

Opening Stories:

  • The Little Red Hen
  • Mulga Bill’s Bicycle
  • Custard The Dragon

Main Stories (Participation):

  • Tiddalick The Frog
  • The 3 Little Pigs
  • The Little Engine That Could
  • The Three Billy Goats Gruff

Grade 3 to Grade 6 Programme – ‘The World of ‘Banjo’

The grand return of a Bookworm classic show. It’s back this year for a limited season. The show was first done over thirty years ago and is now very much a part of Australia’s theatre history and we are are proud to continue this 30 year old tradition. With a focus on language, poetry and Australiana, this is a fantastic show for looking at Literature & Australian History.

The show comprises three great stories:

  • Mulga Bills Bicycle
  • The Man From Ironbark
  • The Geebung Polo Club

Primary School Performance fee:

$595.00 inc. G.S.T for up to 100 students. If a single session has over 100 students an additional cost of $5.95 per additional student applies.

Programme Resources

Download PDF:

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