Secondary School Programme

Shakespeare without Tears

The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company offers both Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth for secondary school students.

Please do not expect truncated, fifty-five minute versions of the plays. Our performances emphasize elements of the plays that de-mystify Shakespeare. We bring the language, characters, themes and humour closer to the students. A scene from the selected play conveyed more traditionally may be followed by a parallel scenario that projects Shakespeare into a modern setting. Scenes may be delivered from the mind-set of current-day figures familiar to students.

Our intention is to motivate, educate and create a connection with students. We present linking commentary between scenes, explain and analyse where appropriate, highlight significant social and historical context. Each presentation includes a rapid-fire, five-minute, absorbing summation of the plot. Time us!

Our techniques seek to engage the audience. Students are creatively involved in the presentation. A Q & A session with the actors follows each performance. In order that teachers may closely integrate this Shakespearean experience with class-work, The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company provides on-line class activities, questions and reflections that may be down-loaded to provide the focus for further study.

The Flying Bookworm Theatre Company is passionate in presenting performances that act as pathways for student understanding and enjoyment of Shakespeare.

Performance fee:

$895.00 inc. G.S.T for up to 100 students. If a single session has over 100 students an additional cost of $8.95 per additional student applies


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